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A modern and affordable car for every Ukrainian

This is the main goal of our team. Every day we make every effort to have a good opportunity to buy a good car at an order of magnitude cheaper than in Ukraine. Our specialists will inspect and check the car with you, as well as the path from the choice of the model of the car to the customs clearance and registration of the car in Ukraine. Due to the changes made to the legislation of Ukraine you can buy a car with a minimum tax and enjoy a trip on your own car.

How is the process of buying a car?

1. Define with an auto, and make an agreement on the provision of services

2. Check out the car with professional equipment and buy it

3. We carry out the procedure of customs clearance of cars

4. Provide a car together with the documents on the Ukrainian side

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Why you should choose us?

You choose and buy a car with us

We're testing the car with professional equipment in your presence

Ви проводите повну оплату тільки після придбання автомобіля

We have been working for more than 3 years, and all our customers are happy, as evidenced by their feedback

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How long does it take?

On average up to 10 days. During this time we will pick up and check the car, we will pass the customs clearance procedure and place the car for the Ukrainian registration.

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Do I need deposit?

A deposit is needed only if you do not drive with us by car.

Worth of services

The cost of our services is from 500 to 800 dollars. We will pick up and check you car. And also we will deliver it to Ukraine and we will pass the customs procedure.

How to calculate the full cost of a car?

To calculate the full cost of the car, contact us and we will be happy to help you with this.

Have questions left?

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Київстар : +380672552554
[email protected]
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